Wind Ensemble


Wind Ensemble is the most advanced band course and is designed for the most skilled and dedicated music students. Students are selected for Wind Ensemble through audition and should commit to taking band both semesters. The Wind Ensemble studies advanced musical concepts and solo, chamber, and ensemble literature. Wind Ensemble is an honors course.


Course name is Instrumental Music: Band 4H.



  • Students will continually develop individual musical advancement by practicing every day. Students are also encouraged to seek a private instructor.
  • Students will operate and perform as a group of disciplined young adults. Students will learn to become actively involved in all aspects of rehearsal. This means that no other work should be done during rehearsal.
  • Students will establish and focus on cooperation.
  • Students will be held accountable for taking care of personal and school-related instruments and equipment, including chairs, stands, and sheet music. Students will not touch instruments that do not belong to them.
  • Students will consistently demonstrate group excellence with all performances.
  • Students will enjoy each other’s company.
  • The band program will involve parents in the activities of their children.
  • Members will make themselves available for rehearsals and performances held outside the school day.
  • Members will attend performances of other Green Hope fine arts programs in and out of the school day.
  • Members of this group will represent Green Hope High School to the community with professionalism.