Why Fundraise?

Fundraising allows Green Hope High School to have one of the finest music programs in Wake County. General funds are used to pay for the purchase, repair, and maintenance of school-owned instruments, classroom sheet music, classroom supplies and equipment, consulting fees for instructional classroom staff (non-WCPSS employees), and practice field upkeep and repair. These items would not be possible without the success of the following endeavors.


Opportunities are also provided to earn funds that go directly to your student accounts to reduce their fair share payments.

Annual Fundraisers

Yard Sale - fall

Pointsetta - winter

Car Wash - spring, fall  

Event Fundraisers - Reduces your Fair Share - Benefits Student Accounts

Coastal Music Park (Walnut Creek) Concessions - Alcohol training needed

General Fundraising Events

Car Wash ticket sales - student account benefits

Spirit Nights at local restaurants
Other (Suggestions welcome!)


Everyday Fundraising

RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) - 90% benefits student account, 10% capital account
Lowe's Grocery Store Gift Cards

Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program
Publix Partners

Questions? Email fundraising@greenhopeband.org.