Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising allows Green Hope High School to have one of the finest music programs in Wake County.

  • purchase, repair, and maintenance of school-owned instruments
  • classroom sheet music
  • classroom supplies and equipment
  • consulting fees for instructional classroom staff (non-WCPSS employees)
  • practice field upkeep and repair
  • travel to national competitions

Seasonal Fundraising

Go Play Save - Current

On sale for a limited time between October 1 and October 15


Purchase from our our GoPlaySave link for Green Hope Marching Band


Books will be delivered the week of October 16th 

Carwash - August

Very popular fundraiser, a lot of fun and hard work

Poinsettia Sale - December

We partner with Preston Flowers in December to sell poinsettia's.

Passive Fundraising

Employer Matching Donations & Volunteer Grants

Many employers may MATCH 1:1 your donation to Green Hope Band Boosters or donate for the hours you volunteer.


Most of our RTP companies have matching donations and employee grants.  Some may exclude booster clubs for athletics and band. 


Some of the employers who have programs are:


Bank of America, Biogen, CIGNA, Cisco, Duke Energy, DELL, Eli-Lily, Fidelity Investments, GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett Packard, IBM, IQVIA, Lenovo, NETAPP, Pfizer, RedHat, Oracle, Salesforce.


Check if your employer has these programs on your work website OR go to Charity Navigator.  Charity Navigator will link you to your employers portal.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, our official name is Green Hope High School Band Boosters, our EIN is 56-2150641


Harris Teeter VIC Card Together in Education

Harris Teeter's Together In Education program gives schools a chance to earn funds when you link your VIC card and shop Harris Teeter brands and use the pharmacy for your prescriptions.


You must re-register every August.


If you provided your last name and VIC card number during registration we will connect your account.


You can link up to GHHS Band Boosters next time you visit Harris Teeter at the cash register or customer service with our code 5848.


Or go to the Harris Teeter Together in Education website.  If you don't know your VIC card number you can create an account with your email address to connect your VIC card.  Online you don't need the code or VIC card number, you create an account and can find us as Green Hope High School Band Boosters.

Publix Partners

Publix Partners contributes a portion of eligible purchases to our program.  Ineligible items are gift cards, alcohol, prescriptions and instacart.


Giving back to your school is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Join Club Publix, if you’re not already a member. Terms & conditions apply.
  2. Log in to your Club Publix account. Select My Publix Partner in your profile to choose your school.
  3. Pay with the Publix app or enter your phone number at checkout, and Publix will donate a portion of your eligible purchase to your school.*

Heroes Car Wash

Heroes Car Wash will donate 50% of your wash to the GHHS marching band.  You have to verbally tell them to credit GHHS Band Boosters when purchasing your car wash. If you are purchasing or managing your account online, place our name in the comment section.


Smug Mug Photos


Green Hope Band's semi-professionally taken pictures go onto the Smug Mug site for purchase. You must login to our protected Smug Mug page to access the link and password.  

OpportunitY To reduce Your fairshare payment

RaiseRight provides an opportunity to earn funds that go directly to your student accounts to reduce their fair share payments.

RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)

RaiseRight is a web and app-based rebate-generating gift card program with 500+ retailers, restaurants, and brands!  


You can use the gift cards to buy appliances, travel, and smaller purchases.   


90% of the proceeds you earn will be deposited into your student's account and reduce your Fair Share payment, and 10% will go towards the general band fund. 


For example, if a gift card has a 10% rebate with a face value of $100, then $10 is the savings ($9 is credited to their student account and $1 goes to the band).   


Gift cards can be either physical cards or virtual e-cards. 


If you link a credit card a 2.5% charge is added, while payments from a bank account incur only a modest fee of $0.29. This fee is per transaction, not per item.


RaiseRight has explanatory videos and extensive FAQ's on its website.  


Download RaiseRight Apps through the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. Links are at the bottom of the RaiseRight homepage.


Click here to obtain the (must login into your account to) enrollment code, if you have any questions, please contact Maria Woodson, at