Review important dates and report any conflict prior to Registration Night via the GH Band Absence Form. Keep absences updated throughout the season.
  • Access the Calendar: Visit our Google Calendar and familiarize yourself with the band schedule. Add the calendar to your phone for convenient reference.
  • Planning Vacations: While conflicts are understandable, the band encourages planning vacations around the marching band schedule as much as possible to minimize disruption.
  • Identify and Report Conflicts: Review the calendar and identify any potential conflicts with your personal schedule. If you have any conflicts with the schedule due to vacations or other commitments MUST be reported through the GH Band Absence Form.
  • Reach Out: Direct any questions to Mr. Flowers, the band director, at
Remember, proactive communication and planning are key to a successful marching band experience. By staying informed and reporting conflicts early, you contribute to the smooth operation of the band and ensure your own participation.