In Their Own Words...



"The biggest thing for me was the feeling of community. I enjoyed the commitment and camaraderie. It really drove me. I had a ton of fun and made great friends."

- Senior Baritone


"I like marching band because it’s super fun to make a show that you can perform again and again and again. Unlike normal performances, the marching band shows are something that we cultivate over many months to create a show that we are super proud of and we become a close knit family throughout the whole experience."

- Senior Trumpet


"I love marching band because you spend hours on end with the best people learning so much and when you perform, the joy you feel is like nothing else."

- Senior Front Ensemble


"I love marching band because of the adrenaline rush of performing in front of huge crowds."

- Senior Front Ensemble


"Marching band is a family. You spend so much time with these people that you form bonds that you can’t find anywhere else."

- Senior Low Brass


"Because of marching band, I’m majoring in music in college. I’ve got lifelong friends from band. Playing on the field with all of your friends is an indescribable feeling and experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. "

- Senior Front Ensemble


"The Green Hope Marching Band is like a second family to me. I've met so many friends through marching band, and I love knowing that everyone wants to help and support each other - it's like no other group I've ever been a part of."

- Sophomore Trumpet


"The biggest thing for me was the feeling of community. I enjoyed the commitment and camaraderie. It really drove me. I had a ton of fun and made great friends."

- Senior Baritone


"The Green Hope Marching Band was an integral part of my high school experience. It taught me the value of dedication, perseverance, leadership, time-management, and more; not only did marching band teach me important values, but it also allowed me to forge lifelong friendships."

- Senior Trumpet


"Being in marching band helped me grow in my music career and helped me develop as a person. It helped develop me physically, learn and overcome challenging music, and to use my time wisely."

- Junior Battery




"I’ve been so impressed by the team spirit and loyalty that can be felt by Green Hope Marching Band! From day one, it was clear that the students would always be there for each other. There is so much support that they give each other both on and off the field! This is one of the best things that my daughter has ever been a part of!"

- Drum Major Parent


"I am so glad my child choose to be a part of the marching band all four years of high school. It kept him motivated to be a better version of himself, reinforced teamwork values, and gave him a sense of belonging." 

- Battery Parent


"Joining the Marching band was the best decision my freshman took. It gave him confidence, direction and friends across the grades. The first day of school after the whole summer at marching band camp and rehearsals was not intimidating as he had made so many friends."

- Front Ensemble Parent


"Marching Band offered my older daughter the closest friendships of her life. The shared experiences of learning and creating together has made them a family that lasts beyond High School. After watching my older daughter's experience, my younger daughter decided that although she doesn't play a band instrument, she would find a way to be part of the Green Hope Marching Band. Band's impact is bigger than music, practices, competitions and parades. No matter where the child is along their life's journey, Marching Band is the push they need to grow into effective members of our world."

- Trumpet and Guard Parent


"My kids have great friends because of band camp. They like having something to do during the summer, and they now have a wonderful support system!"

- Mellophone and Clarinet Parent


"Marching band is the best thing that could happen to my son. He’s done it all four years of his high school and it taught him Time Management , Organization,Teamwork, Perseverance. I highly recommend joining the marching band."

- Battery Parent


 "Having a child in marching band has given me the opportunity to be a part of my son's high school experience and to meet so many great kids. I've also enjoyed some great friendships with other band parents as we supported our kids through their marching band camps, competitions, halftime shows, parades, and more!"

- Baritone Parent


"As a parent I loved being able to see my child grow musically and as a person while in the band. There are so many ways to be a part of your child’s experience as a band parent: chaperoning, serving football pizza, going on competition road trips, senior activities committee or working fundraisers with the kids!"

- Flute Parent


"When my son was a freshman, we were brand new to band. The summer hours were long, and learning his part was at times overwhelming. He would come home exhausted but his bandmates were always there to help and encourage him. By the next morning, he was always up and at ‘em again! Band helps develop determination, perseverance, and grit. As a parent, I can tell you that when you hear and see the show for the first time, and realize what all that hard work has created, it is a memory that will live in your heart forever!"

- Percussion Parent









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