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Interested in helping? Contact the person listed below for more information.



Contact: Lesley Lloyd:

GH Band Chaperones' main goal is to keep our kids safe throughout the Marching Band season. Chaperones consist of parents/grandparents/friends of the band that help during practices, competitions, football games, parades, fundraising events, and other performances. Duties include providing water and snacks, handing out bandaids or ice as needed, monitoring your assigned group, and helping to keep students safe. This is a great way to spend time with students, see them in action and watch them transform the show over the entire season!  [Note: Chaperones must have current Volunteer Registration Clearance on file with WCPSS, so be sure your paperwork is complete!] You can complete Volunteer Registration in the front office of GHHS or any Wake County Public School - please do so anytime after July 1.


If you are interested but have not Chaperoned please join us! We are happy to show you what we do!

Lesley Lloyd, Chaperone Chair


Cell - (919) 414-5978


Social/Hospitality Chair

Open Position

Contacts: Melissa Dolle - Logistics Chair at for more information


Being part of the hospitality team is one of the most fun jobs there is within the Green Hope Bands organization!


Here’s some of what we do:

  • Provide lunch to our amazing instructors during band camp
  • Act as dinner servers to the marchers during band camp (band camp team takes care of ordering)
  • Serve pizza dinner to our marchers before each home football game
  • Coordinate the end of Marching Band season reception
  • Coordinate the end of year band reception

Ways you can help:

  • Pick up food and deliver to GHHS during band camp
  • Provide (store bought) desserts for staff during band camp
  • Come help serve pizza before football games
  • Be part of the reception planning and clean up teams

Band Camp

Contact: Lesley Lloyd:

During the two weeks of band camp in July, we focus on the care and well-being of the marchers. We are always in need of field snacks, camp chairs, and afternoon snack items. We need assistance preparing and serving the dinners on the late nights during band camp. 


Band Camp is a great way for new parents to get involved! We always welcome new volunteers!

Lesley Lloyd, Band Camp Chair


Cell - (919) 414-5978



Contact: Heather Heckman:

You don’t need to be a Colorguard parent to come and help.  We are looking for volunteers to help with uniforms, hair, make-up, and flags, mostly on football game and competition days. We need help with all the aspects of making flags, from cutting to pinning to sewing.



See the Band Booster Board page on the website for a full list of fundraising chair contact information

Funds are continually needed to manage long-term costs associated with the band that are not covered by Fair Share payments (such as repairing and replacing instruments, cleaning uniforms, etc.).  A variety of fundraising efforts are planned each year.  In addition to the sections noted below, other efforts include researching grant opportunities with corporate, state or local entities, and managing donor campaigns from patron and corporate communities, Come help with one, or many, of these events or campaigns! We are always looking for new ideas!


Regiment Roadies and Props

Contacts: Dave Cale and Torkel Svanes: 

and Chris Heckman

Volunteer with the Regiment Roadies to assist students of the Front Ensemble and the Prop Committee in moving instruments, podiums, and props to and from the field at competitions and football games.  Roadies also coordinate the truck/semi-trailer at away competitions and assist with loading and unloading before and after each trip.



Contact: Lesley Lloyd

This group consists of parents and friends of the band that help with getting the students properly sized for their uniforms dressed at competitions and events, as well as keeping the uniforms clean and organized during the season. This is a great way to spend time with students, see the show up close and personal, and bond with other people who have an interest in the band.


No experience necessary! We need uniform helpers at each game and competition. We make sure the students look their best!

Lesley Lloyd, Uniforms Chair


Cell - (919) 414-5978


Historian: Videographer or Photographer

Contact: Open

Do you like to take pictures at events? If so, we would love to have you on this committee to add your photos to our band ‘history!’  We take photos at band performances including football games, competitions, and concerts. We upload the photos onto a website for all band members to purchase or enjoy and some are used for the Green Hope yearbook, video presentations and banquet presentations.  Our goal is to include every student and to get a fair representation of all band members and activities.



Contact: Wendy Pizzo:

Help dress our families in Green Hope Band colors!  


We need assistants to help us sell and distribute spiritwear at some of our band events (such as registration night and Informance). 


Other ways to Volunteer or Support GHHS Bands

Donations of food or supplies for band camp, football games, and competitions as well as monetary donations are always welcome.  Sign-ups for specific snacks/drinks/refreshment needs will be sent via band broadcast emails throughout the season. Monetary donations are tax-deductible and can be made at any time through our Patron link.