How to Register for Marching Band 

It's time to register for the next season of the Green Hope Marching Band.



6:00PM on Registration night 


If you need help at any time, please email:


Getting Started

Details instructions are below.  When you're ready, start here:


Online Registration Forms


There are three steps to register for Marching Band.

  1. Open a user account on the band website
    • If you haven't yet created an account, or are unable to access a prior account, see the Create An Account page for more information
  2. Complete these online forms in the Registration Packet
    • Registration form, including ordering uniform components and make first fair share payment
    • Parent commitment form
    • Student commitment form
    • Student meal choices (used all during the season, completed at Registration so we can plan)
  3. Please bring these completed forms with you to Registration Night

Online forms

Marching Band Registration (1 of 3)

Fill out this form together with your student.  You'll want to discuss some of the options with them.


The first question is filled out for you, indicating you agree to one fair share.  The next question is yes/no, if this is your first year or not.  Next, the question asks which section of Marching Band you're in.

2023 GHHS Marching Band - Registration Order Form for Susie Marcher


The next section is the Uniform Components for everyone.

This uniform components are the same each year.  First year marchers will need each of these items.  Included in the fair share is one "show shirt".  Many students like to have extras.  Now is the best time to order extras.



The next section is for winds, percussion, front ensemble, and drum majors.



The next section is for guard members.



The instrument rental section is next.  If you student plans to rent a marching instrument for the season, indicate this here.


 Finally there is an opportunity to donate to GH Band through a Patron Donation. 


Almost done.  Now, click Save and Checkout.



Just like online shopping, the last step is pay.  For uniform items that are ordered, the payment is due now.  Fair share is divided into five payments, enter the minimum amount due in the box to make just the first payment.



You're not done yet.  Time to checkout.

To finish, check out here.  The Band Boosters offer several options for payment.  This year, hand written checks are only accepted via USMail or in person on registration night.  Email to request arrangements if necessary.

1) Pay online

     a) Using a credit card or debit card with a transaction fee

     b) Using an eCheck by providing your checking account information with no fee.
          Max amount for eCheck is $1500.  Please break your payments into separate transactions if you need to pay more than that.            

2) Student account. If you have a balance in your student account, you can apply it towards your payment.  Look for the button on bottom left that will also tell you your student account balance.

3) Pay by check.  If necessary, email to let us know you have put a check in the green box in the band hallway. Payable to Green Hope Band Boosters.


You have two online payment options: credit card or eCheck.  For credit card, a 2.25% convenience charge is passed through to you.  For eCheck, there is no additional fee.  If you have an extraordinary circumstance where online payment will not work for you, please email for special arrangements.





Click continue, and confirm the order.

When you're done, you should have two green checks on your list of forms.





Next, parents, complete the Parent Commitment form.


Then, you'll have three green checks!



Now, each student needs to register for an account.

  1. Use the same address as last year
  2. Use the same address as your parent entered in Student Info (have the change it if it doesn't match)
  3. Enter all the information carefully.  This will be used for Marching Band and classes.
  4. If you're not sure which email address to use, email

Next, each student need to fill out the Student Commitment form


Now your have all 4 green check marks!