Concert Attire


What is "concert attire"?


Band students have three options for concert attire.

GH Band Uniform parents will be at the school to assist students with sizing prior to the first concert of the season.


Option 1: Students may wear black slacks, a white tuxedo shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie. Black socks and black dress shoes are required. Students will wear the above along with a tuxedo jacket. 


Option 2: Students may wear a Short Sleeve Swing dress


Option 3: Students may wear a Sweetheart Blouse and Palazzo Pants set.


Where can I buy/rent approved concert attire?


The tuxedo jacket is available for rent from GH Band for the school year. Rented Tuxedo Jackets will be returned at the end of the school year. Students may also choose to wear a black tuxedo jacket that they already own.

The concert dress package of a tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, and bow tie is available for purchase from the GH Band. Students will keep these items - they do not need to be returned.



Available for purchase only from GH Band.


Blouse and Palazzo Pants set

Available for purchase only from GH Band.


Option 1: Tuxedo


option 2: Formal Dress



Option 3: Pant Set





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Sewing Volunteers Needed!

For the 2022 Marching Band Show we will be altering our uniforms and shakos.
If you sew, cut or pin or are willing to learn - we need you!
Most of the work will be completed in late July and early August.
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