RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)


What is RaiseRight?

RaiseRight is a web and app-based rebate-generating gift card program.


Gift cards can be either physical cards or virtual e-cards. Physical gift cards are mailed to the coordinator whereas e-cards are immediately available in RaiseRight's digital wallet. 


The rebate is sent to our coordinator and directly deposited into your student's account.  90 percent of the rebate is deposited into the student account and 10 percent is deposited into GHBB's general fund.


You can view student account credits by logging into the Green Hope Band web account and looking in My Account/Student Account Credits. Accounts are credited one time per month usually mid month.


If you link a credit card a 2.5% charge is added, and payments from a bank account incur only a modest fee of $0.15. $0.15 is per transaction not per item


GHBB's Enrollment code is ​9CDA13AE24934


RaiseRight has explanatory videos and extensive FAQ's on its website.


Download RaiseRight Apps through the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. Links are at the bottom of the RaiseRight homepage.


Contact the band’s Scrip Coordinator, Dev Hirji, at scrip.grocery@greenhopeband.org  or 201-543-8560.


Below is a list of their most popular brands with rebates, but there are hundreds of vendors participating in the program. Raise Right runs regular Flash Sales, where the rebate is increased and if timed correctly can be very lucrative!




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