Grocery Card Program


What is the Grocery Card Program?

Like Scrip, the grocery card program is a gift card fundraising program. Families purchase grocery gift cards from the band and a percentage of the purchase is used to pay their student’s fair share amount. They are available for Lowe’s Food stores. The grocery cards each come as a $100 or $500 gift card, and you can purchase as many as you’d like each month. 


How does the Grocery Card Program work?


To download the Grocery Card tutorial presentation and video please click HERE


The grocery card program is like the Scrip program except it is only for Lowe’s Food and can only be ordered on the band deadlines; the Lowe’s Foods rebate is 6%. One perk to this program is that band families have found that they can purchase other gift cards at the grocery stores using their grocery gift card. Many families figure out their monthly spending for home repairs/lawn care, gas, grocery and dining and purchase that amount in the grocery card program. Then when the family shops for their groceries each week, they also purchase (at the grocery store) gift cards to Shell/BP, Home Depot/Lowes and various restaurants along with their groceries.


May I purchase from both the Scrip and Grocery Card Programs?

Absolutely!!! Many families prefer to do this, commenting that restaurants generally have a higher rebate on the Scrip website than through the grocery card program. And alternatively, gas/home improvement rebates are generally lower on Scrip website than through the grocery card program. For these reasons, some families prefer to maximize their rebate potential through the two programs and some opt for the convenience of the Scrip’s PrestoPay and mobile features. 


How do I place a Grocery Card Program order?

Go to GHHS Band website → log-in → Hover over My Account and choose → My Forms → Scroll down to find the Grocery Card Order Form.  Once there, complete the online order form. You can pay immediately online using the ACH debit process (no fee) or credit card payment (2.25%) by the published due dates. 


Where do I get additional information?

For Grocery Card Program questions, contact Dev Hirji at or 201-543-8560.




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